Raising Mindful Children

Raising Mindful Children

Jackie teaches parents how to make mindfulness fun for their children. Parents will learn how to make valuable tools, like identifying emotions and self-regulating, digestible and light-hearted, so they can share them with the whole family.

These exercises are best shared with kids ages 2-8.

Even when Jackie was at the peak of her career as a model and actress, she felt that something was missing. While living a life outside of herself, she faced questions, challenges, frustrations, and an insatiable desire to connect to something deeper. Even though “achieving” so much, she wondered why she was swallowed by unhappiness. She later found herself at a monastery in Nepal to peek into the wild intricacies of her mind, and finally got back in touch with her heart.
Jackie received her Meditation Teacher Certification through The Interdependence Project, Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner Certification through The Open Center, and the Science of Happiness Certification through UC Berkeley.

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Raising Mindful Children
  • Sometimes We Get Mad

    Build awareness of your child's needs and learn a song you can easily share with your child about deregulating strong emotions.

  • Finding the Breath

    Jackie guides parents through an informal practice to share with their families. Find a stuffed animal to enhance a breath practice with your child, so they can connect more easily with their inhale and exhale in a fun, light-hearted way.

  • Awesome Appreciations

    As a parent, you may already have a gratitude practice of your own, but how can we teach our children to cultivate a gratitude practice of their own? In this video, Jackie teaches tips and techniques to build a gratitude practice with your child. These ideas remain informal and fun, so they may n...

  • Wind Down Wishes

    Discover a new way to create a wind-down routine with your child that incorporates loving-kindness.