The Fundamentals: New to Journey? Start Here!

The Fundamentals: New to Journey? Start Here!

Getting started is easy. Take small steps every day to start your personal journey.

The Fundamentals: New to Journey? Start Here!
  • 1. Stress Management 101

    New to Journey? Fundamentals: Stress Management 101 is the perfect place to start

  • 2. Choosing Happiness Over Anxiety

    Our thoughts have power over our well-being and happiness. Learn to decipher the general positive or negative emotions that our thoughts carry then redirect them so they are more aligned with how we want to feel.

  • 3. Establishing Healthy Habits

    Establishing healthy habits often includes breaking the pattern of negative thinking. Join Gly to learn how to transform your mind through a simple journaling practice.

  • 4. Working with Strong Emotions

    Join Amanda as she guides us through a RAIN meditation to help deal with difficult emotions.

  • 5. Learning to Relax

    We're all busy, but Ceasar shows how you can use your breath to relax in your busy day

  • 6. Finding Work-Life Balance

    Finding a healthy work life balance in today's world is increasingly more difficult. In this short video, you're invited to contemplate how you'll spend your day and where to direct your attention then you’ll be guided through the process of creating boundaries and sticking to them.

  • 7. Building Better Relationships

    Learn how loving kindness can help us build strong relationships off the cushion

  • 8. Mindfulness in Everyday Life

    Amanda shows how we can bring our mindfulness practice into any ordinary day