Staying Productive in Today’s New Normal

Staying Productive in Today’s New Normal

There's a lot going on and most of us get swept up by whatever is right in front of us rather than what we want to be doing. Learn to approach your work and life from a place of increased productivity and intention so that you can navigate this new normal with maximum efficiency.

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Staying Productive in Today’s New Normal
  • Intro to Staying Productive in Today's New Normal

    Learn to keep our eyes on what we aspire to do and follow through with compassion

  • Playing the ‘Awareness Game’ to Combat Procrastination and Face Fears

    We all can find ourselves procrastinating throughout the day. Let’s explore why we procrastinate and how we can use an awareness practice to move out of the procrastination habit and move towards what matters to us.

  • Finding Peace with Thoughts

    Are you pulled around by your thoughts all day long? Jackie's meditation will help you to create some space to notice your thoughts and allow them to unfold.

  • WOOPing Our Way to Achieving Our Goals

    We sometimes have goals that we lose focus on. The WOOP process (wish, outcome, obstacle, plan) helps us visualize the obstacles that may get in the way of us living our best lives and helps us stay on track and achieve our goals.

  • Basic Breathwork

    Allow Lodro to guide you every step of the way as you use the breath as an anchor for relaxing into the present moment.

  • Becoming the Superhero of Your Life

    In exploring our values or what matters to us (e.g., connection, presence, courage, joy), we can practice stepping into those values as we relate to ourselves and others. The more we can practice walking with and embodying our values, the more we can lead meaningful, purposeful, and proud lives.

  • How to Stay Fresh and Inspired

    Allow yourself to relax and reignite inspiration even in these difficult times

  • Rousing Energy When You Feel Exhausted

    Learn how to use deep breathing as an energy booster with Ceasar

  • Staying Organized When Working from Home

    Jackie guides us through a practice on setting ourselves up to be productive and stay organized

  • Setting the Right Types of Routines

    Join Ceasar as he guides us through how to set up the right routines for our own success

  • Giving Ideas Life

    The creative process is an opportunity to bring things to life that have an impact on yourself and others. Tiffani will guide you on how to tune into your voice and make room for your creativity seed to be planted and grow!

  • Unleash Your Inner Artist

    We all have our own way of contributing art to the world each day. Join Ceasar in this meditation and guided visualization to help you unleash your inner artist.

  • Inspiration

    Creative inspiration is a spark that exists within us, and Tiffani's meditation teaches you how to sit with your inspiration and find what ignites your creativity.

  • Release Your Creative Monster

    Our world today needs more love and creativity, and you hold the tools within you to change the landscape and redefine the scenery! Join Ceasar to learn how to release your creative 'monster' through meditation.