A Guide to Smoking Cessation

A Guide to Smoking Cessation

There are many methods that can aid in the cessation of smoking, this video series delivers 4 immediate practical mindfulness tools for anyone who is on this journey. In this series, you will learn external techniques to aid in quitting smoking, such as breathing and choosing positive influences, but more importantly, you will have the opportunity to develop a personal motivation for quitting. You will find that this personal motivation is the thing that will empower the change!

Mackenzie connected deeply with her mental and physical health 6 years while attending University in Colorado. Feeling the pressure of school, peers, finances, and upholding an “identity” she found yoga as a way to come back to a state of feeling content and fulfilled. Keep in mind, that at this same time marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado. In addition to yoga, she turned to marijuana to help her relive stress and find a state of escaping the normal, mundane life responsibilities. The combination of yoga and marijuana sustained Mackenzie through college, allowing her to graduate with a BA in Finance with a 3.5 GPA.

Upon graduation, Mackenzie moved back to NYC and found herself in a similar cycle, working diligently in the world of finance, trying to uphold a millennial NYC identity, and then physically running to yoga to release the pressure, followed by an inhale of marijuana to ease the mind to bed. It wasn’t until she dedicated herself to a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training in 2019, that she recognized the root of her cyclical behavioral habits were in fact habits in her mind. With the practices of yoga and pranayama she was able to reduce her smoking habit from every day to weekends. Determined to rid the habit completely, she realized the need to work the muscle of the mind, strengthening it’s momentum to change completely. In 2019, she committed to a 200-hour meditation training with Three Jewels to receive tools and techniques to break negative habits, forever. Upon graduation from meditation training, she spent 9 months putting the practices to work and successfully quit smoking in September 2020. It’s been over 1.5 years that she has sustained this cessation and she credits her success to her meditation, yoga, and pranayama practices.

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A Guide to Smoking Cessation
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