Returning to the New Normal

Returning to the New Normal

We're all readjusting to life in some familiar - and unfamiliar - ways. In this series, Hector will tackle returning to the office, interaction with friends again, spending time indoors, and overstimulation. Hector is an organizational change management expert with over 20 years of experience guiding individuals and organizations through adjusting to difficult situations. Who better to help us deal with this time than him!?

For the past 20 years, meditation has served as a constant companion, mirror, and teacher for Hector. Meditation led him to a career as a change consultant, where he helps executives drive transformational change in organizations through an emphasis on culture, people, and service. He currently serves as the president of Three Jewels, a yoga and meditation studio in New York City. Three Jewels is a non-profit that provides services to the city and internationally by giving free meditation and yoga classes to those in need.

Hector’s training includes a Certificate in Organizational Change Management from the Australian Graduate School of Management, an Executive MBA from the University of Sydney, Senior Teacher and board member of the Asian Classics Institute, and 23 years of study of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gleluk Lineage.

Returning to the New Normal
  • Returning to the Office

    Return the office with more ease by addressing possible stressors before they arise and taking care of others as a way to build connection and community that feels healthy and safe.

  • Social Interactions

    Find new ways to practice self care in your social interactions, so you can be part of the solution for healthy engagement with others.

  • Hanging Out Indoors

    Learn to decipher your own emotions and needs so you can set boundaries with others and allow them to do the same with you.

  • Overstimulation

    Come out stronger than before by learning what helps you feel grounded and staying connected to others by simply recognizing that you're not alone.