Intro to Positive Psychology

Intro to Positive Psychology

Explore the study of Positive Psychology and learn what you need to feel your very best. Get familiar with the the PERMA model, examine your personal meaning and purpose, evoke flow states, and practice gratitude to live your best life ever.

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Intro to Positive Psychology
  • Positive Psych

    Get acquainted with the study of human flourishing, meaning the things that help you thrive in your environment using the PERMA model. In this video, you'll practice optimism and the many wellness benefits associated with it.

  • Meaning & Purpose

    Examine the significance of understanding your meaning and purpose and how it contributes to your overall sense of well being.

  • Flow

    Deepen your understanding of Flow. Learn how you can engage with certain activities to evoke flow states and derive a deeper sense of satisfaction in your everyday life.

  • Gratitude

    Practice authentic gratitude beyond the usual thankfulness.