Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Kelly’s Choice is a nutritional consulting company headed by registered dietitian, Kelly Springer MS, RD, CDN. Founded in 2012, the company’s mission is to empower individuals to invest in themselves and their overall wellness in pursuit of living their best lives. The Kelly’s Choice team of registered dietitians provides individuals and organizations with the tools they need to reframe the way they view wellness, regardless of schedule or location

Kelly’s Choice provides in-depth, high-impact education and support to individuals, organizations, and the general public through our three distinct service lines: Dietitian Services, Workplace Wellness, and Media & Public Relations.

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We hope that you enjoyed this video series which is just a taste of all the amazing tools and resources available through Kelly’s Choice. If you are ready to take the next step in your wellness journey, in the pursuit of living your best and healthiest life, then contact us today. We would be honored to work with you, or your organization!

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Nutritional Wellness
  • Nutrition Basics

    Dive into the basics and learn the key components to a healthier diet.  Learn how
    to navigate nutrition labels, focus on portions, and create a balanced diet to optimize your health!

  • Nutrition Facts

    Tag along with Kelly to the grocery store, and learn all of her tips and tricks on how to read the nutrition label on food packages.  This knowledge is imperative to all health journeys.

  • Healthy Portions

    The key to weight loss doesn't have to be all about diet and exercise.  It can be as easy as re-teaching your brain that the body is fill.  Learn easy, memorable ways for proper food portions in each food group, and tips for how to approach your next meal.

  • Simple Cooking Swaps

    Hacks for how to eat your favorite foods, GUILT FREE!

  • Healthy Meal Swaps

    Simple changes can make a big difference.  Learn 5 new techniques that will take your meal from drab to fab on the nutrition scale.

  • Sugar Swaps

    The silent assassin: sugar.  It's in more places than you would think, but instead of worrying about where it's at, we choose to focus on how to avoid it altogether with simple, pantry staples that are generally lower or completely sugar-free.  We promise, you won't even miss it.

  • Healthy Fats

    Learn why the "f-word" is not as bad as what our society makes it out to be! Our body actually needs it to exist.

  • Whole Grains

    Learn the WHOLE story behind why eating this type of grain is good nutritionally and improves health

  • Benefits of Berries

    A superfood that provides the body with an array of health benefits; learn about 9 of the biggest benefits that "nature's candy" has to offer.

  • Digestive Health

    Dive into digestive health and learn why it is so important, how you can improve it with your diet, the key components to healthy digestion.