Mental Wellness For Differently-Abled People

Mental Wellness For Differently-Abled People

This series of videos is designed to help reduce stress, calm the nervous system, and increase a sense of vitality. While this series was created for those individuals who are differently-abled, these techniques are simple and accessible and can be done in any posture and by anybody, regardless of apparent ability.

David Cutler is a musician, massage therapist, and meditation teacher trained in a variety of techniques for integrating the mind and the body. David is a graduate of the Three Jewels 200 hour meditation teacher training program where he studied under Three Jewels President, Hector Marcel. He has also studied bodywork, yoga, meditation and Chinese medicine with several of the world's greatest teachers and practitioners including Amma Thanassanti, Linda Qiu and Rose Erin Vaughan. He is currently on staff at Pacific College of Health and Science where he serves as a Teaching Assistant in the Massage Therapy Department. In July of 2021, David was diagnosed with Facial Palsy, a rare condition in which all of the muscles of his face were paralyzed. His application of the wisdom and techniques imbued in him by his teachers allowed to turn this potentially traumatic experience into one of life's most incredible lessons. He now shares the wisdom he acquired through this experience with his clients, students and colleagues.

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Mental Wellness For Differently-Abled People
  • Settling The Nervous System

    David opens up about his own experience of becoming differently abled and how he has utilized specific techniques to engage and relax the nervous system. We start by focusing on the breath, a powerful tool for relaxing the body and reducing stress. In this video, we learn about the body layers in...

  • Relaxing Through The Vagus Nerve

    The vagus nerve is a powerful pathway dictating the Fight or Flight response. Learn to deactivate this stress response using simple meditative movements that gently engage the spine.

  • Engaging The Fascia

    Here we introduce the fascia as the conductor of our internal experience. As we begin to bring our awareness to the connective tissue in the body, we can have a powerful effect on the experience our own bodies have on a physiological level.

  • The Power of Compassionate Visualization

    Using compassion combined with visualization techniques, we can release a flood of positive hormones and neurotransmitters. This simple practice can begin to remove negative thought patterns and habituate a positive view of ourselves, regardless of our level of ability.