Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness for Kids

Hey Parents! Share mindfulness with your child in four short, digestible videos ideal for children 4 - 7 years old. Children will learn the meaning of mindfulness, core aspects of concentration, and how to identify emotions in themselves and others all through fun and engaging games and activities.

Sarah Blackburn is an adaptable, highly-creative curriculum and content developer for multiple mindfulness centers around NYC and beyond. With over ten years experience in Early Childhood Education, she has a proven record of transmitting complex ideas and fundamental skills in a fun, accessible way that both children and adults of all ages enjoy.

Sarah received her Meditation Teaching Certificate from the Interdependence Project, and her Yoga Training Certificate from Three Jewels NYC.

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Mindfulness for Kids
  • What is Mindfulness?

    Learn the meaning of mindfulness and a fun breathing exercise that kids can do when they’re upset, frustrated, or even bored.

  • Let's Concentrate!

    Kids can strengthen their concentration with awareness and attention training. With the help of Olivia The Ostrich, you’ll play a new kind of concentration game and train your attention with a spoon full of water.

    Materials Needed: spoon, water

  • Identifying Emotions

    Identify how common emotions feel physically, and how they affect our thoughts. Then find kid-friendly techniques to manage them.

    Materials Needed: paper, writing utensils

  • Let’s Help Our Friends

    Learn how to spot big feelings in others and practice some magic tricks to help themselves and others through strong emotions.