Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

The weight loss journey seems to be one with lots of progress and setbacks—like an elastic band that keeps pulling you back to where you started. Don’t lose hope or give up—the band eventually snaps! In this series, Michael shares practices and micro-habits for becoming more mindful and skillful in the weight loss journey.

Michael McSwain is a freelance writer with a special focus in health and wellness. His writing applies Eastern contemplative traditions to modern Western life, thought, and well-being. Michael offers mindful practices for individuals, corporate, and nonprofit organizations, and his curriculums regularly weave together practices rooted in meditation, yoga, dharma, and astrology. Michael has spent over 10 years training and practicing with several teachers, including teaching certifications in multiple modalities.

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Mindful Eating
  • Become What You Measure

    We can’t change what we are unaware of, but stepping on a scale isn’t the right measurement for making a difference. This session introduces a simple, guilt-free food journaling practice to start developing a more mindful approach to weight loss.

  • Charge Up New Habits with Joy

    Whenever we create new habits, we might have the right intention, but lack enough motivation to keep going with them. This session offers a light-hearted and highly effective technique for expanding your field of motivation for any new habit.

  • Stabilize The Nervous System

    Once you start observing your food intake, the next piece of information that becomes clear is that there are a lot of emotional and environmental triggers that cause us to lose our diet and exercise habits. This session introduces a breathing technique for stabilizing the nervous system.

  • Meet Your Gorgeous Future Self

    If you want to become, you have to start thinking like you already are who you want to become. This session includes a visualization practice calling in your successful drop-dead gorgeous future self to support you on your weight loss journey.