Mental Wellness For Starting a New Job

Mental Wellness For Starting a New Job

Join Dr. Clara in this series to help guide you through the often challenging time of starting a new job.

Dr Clara Seeger (PhD) is a highly experienced coach, corporate facilitator, online course creator, speaker and author, specialising in mental balance and wellbeing, mindfulness and meditation, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. Clara works with senior leaders in the workplace to help them realise higher levels of sustainable wellbeing by cultivating a more balanced mind. Her approach marries ancient contemplative wisdom and meditation with findings from modern neuroscience, emotional intelligence and psychology. When working with Clara you will tap into your deepest aspirations, re-examine your priorities, learn to focus your mind, understand your biases and learn to regulate your emotions! Clara was awarded a distinction in her M.Sc in “Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Applications” from King’s College, London. She is the author of Mindfulness
at Work: Learn to be Mindful in Seven Simple Steps (Hachette UK, 2016), a practical and neuroscience-based introduction to mindfulness for the workplace as well as a neuroscience-based coaching book Investing in Meaning: An Alternative Approach to Leveraging your Portfolio (Completely Novel, 2012).

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Mental Wellness For Starting a New Job
  • Starting with Positivity

    Starting a new job can be a time of anxiety as well as excitement when we consider all the new
    responsibilities awaiting us and the skills to be mastered. In this video you will learn tools to strengthen
    your confidence and self-esteem so you can face the new challenge with joy. You will celebrat...

  • How to Stay Grounded No Matter the Circumstances

    One of the most important skills in any job is to develop resilience and inner balance to cope with
    inevitable challenges. In this session you will learn to detect subtle signs of tension and stress in body and
    mind and be guided in a grounding practice to help you maintain a baseline of balance ...

  • Having Your Own Back

    It is easy to become negative and self-critical when faced with criticism or setbacks. In this session you
    will learn to notice negative self-talk so you can stop being your own worst critic and start having your
    own back. You will also be introduced to practices to care for yourself with compass...

  • Practicing Optimism

    One of the key emotional intelligence skills of successful leaders is their optimistic mindset. In this session
    you will be introduced to the 3 main components of optimism, positive mood, resilience and sensing
    opportunities. Each of these elements will be unpacked and practised separately throug...