Mental Wellness for Teens and Parents

Mental Wellness for Teens and Parents

In this series, mother-daughter duo, Cojuan and Nyla, explore a variety of practices that allow us to support our teenagers during their transition to adulthood, while nurturing the child within us, and maintaining a healthy and strong relationship.

Nyla Reese is a 14-year-old vegan baker who runs Nyla's Petite Bakery in New York City. She loves gardening and birds and currently has 5 budgies. Nyla is currently enjoying her freshman year in High School and recently joined the cheerleading team for her school. Nyla leads weekly meditations on the @wakeupism4kids Instagram Live account every Sunday. Her hope is that all children can be introduced to meditation and mindfulness and fully enjoy their childhood with all the fun and without the stress.

Cojuan is a graduate of the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and a certified health coach. After reaping the personal benefits of meditation for over 10 years, she attended a 200hr meditation teacher training at Three Jewels NYC. Cojuan previously worked as an entrepreneur providing in room beauty and wellness services to the 5 star hotels in New York City through Beaute a Porter, later transitioning to a role as the Spa Director at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. She currently resides in Harlem, NYC with her daughters where she is committed to raising the vibrations internally and externally.

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Mental Wellness for Teens and Parents
  • Lean On Me

    Nyla and Cojuan discuss the importance of having an open, honest, and supportive relationship as children grow. They share the tool of maintaining a joint journaling practice to promote expression and vulnerability while strengthening the parent-child relationship.

  • From Comparison to Confident

    Nyla addresses comparison, an issue that has been magnified due to social media usage and affects many children’s overall mental health. Nyla introduces teens to the practice of meditation which allows them to practice checking in with themselves, giving themselves love, and affirming their worth...

  • Children Are Our Mirrors

    In this episode, Cojuan discusses the reality that many parents avoid: We are so accustomed to thinking we can control the external world (including our children), but it is only the internal world we have control over. Children show us where we need more love, more patience, more compassion and ...

  • Doing My Best

    We end the series rejoicing in the idea that we are doing our best. Cojuan leads us through a visualization exercise where we celebrate all that we are, all that we’ve done, and envision what it would feel like to show up as the best version of ourselves as parents; the version that has more pati...