Mental Wellness for Salespeople

Mental Wellness for Salespeople

The work life of a salesperson can be exciting, but stressful. Join Danny in this four part series to learn how to take control of what you can as a salesperson and leave behind the unneeded stress of things you cannot. Danny guides you through remaining focused, excelling through high stress moments, bouncing back after setbacks, and calming the anxiety that often pops up around sales.

Danny Grieco is a San Francisco based sales and mindfulness trainer who has been in tech sales for 16+ years. He spent 12 years selling for small startups and Fortune 500 companies and the past 4 years he has delivered sales and mindfulness training to orgs like Facebook, Amazon, Y Combinator as well as numerous Silicon Valley startups.

He has spent over 8 years practicing and studying emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and meditation including daily meditation practice, silent retreats, and academic study. He has his teacher certification from SIYLI, the science-based program born at Google and also completed the Transcendental Meditation program. He credits his practice with helping him remain (mostly) sane in the rapid tech scene and for achieving greater business results as well.

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Mental Wellness for Salespeople
  • Improving Focus and Reducing Distractibility

    As a salesperson there are few things we can control however we can control where we spend our time and how focused we are. This session explains the biology of attention and gives a real life practice to better handle typical distractions and refocus on the most important sales tasks.

  • Excelling in the High Stress Moments

    Our success in sales often comes down to a few moments of high intensity like tough negotiations, big presentations, and unexpected objections. This session explains the science behind why we can get overwhelmed in these moments and we do a targeted practice to learn critical techniques to calm o...

  • Quick Rebounding from Losses and Setbacks

    The reality of sales is that we will endure very tough losses and rough mistakes that can heavily affect our confidence, mood, and motivation. Having consistent motivation and performance in spite of these is key to long term sales success and sanity. We’ll explain why these moments can bring us ...

  • Calming Sales Anxiety

    The perpetual stress of sales can accumulate leaving us anxious, irritable, or burnt out. This leads to poorer performance and even physical issues. We explore what’s actually happening in the body when in the stress state. We also do a practice that teaches us how to de-stress our body and mind ...