Mental Wellness for Men

Mental Wellness for Men

How should men navigate a world of rapidly changing expectations? Men have always had positive role models for becoming better men, but new and emerging expectations are perpetually redefining the ideals of masculinity. In this 4-part series, Michael will break down some of the modern experiences that men are facing and share practices for engaging the outer world more consciously at the level of the mind, the breath, and the body.

Michael McSwain is a freelance writer with a special focus on health and wellness. His writing applies Eastern contemplative traditions to modern Western life, thought, and well-being. Michael offers mindful practices for individuals, corporate, and nonprofit organizations, and his curriculums regularly weave together practices rooted in meditation, yoga, dharma, and astrology. Michael has spent over 10 years training and practicing with several teachers, including teaching certifications in multiple modalities.

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Mental Wellness for Men
  • Gratitude In A World of Changing Expectations

    There are certain skill sets that some men simply weren’t taught growing up, such as, how to be a better advocate and ally for women. This session includes a simple gratitude practice and introduces a new framework for engaging with the changing world—by engaging with ourselves more consciously.

  • Attuning to Others with Sensitivity and Vulnerability

    How do you respond when someone is expressing their feelings to you? This session includes a practice for engaging more mindfully at the level of the physical body. You can do this practice sitting in a chair or at a desk.

  • Breathing Through Anger and Impatience

    The negative energy that you feel when someone cuts you off in traffic is the sympathetic nervous system ramping up. Instead of getting triggered into an anger response, we can cultivate a more stable nervous system, just by practicing the breathing technique introduced in this session.

  • 3 Levels Of Mindful Engagement With The World

    Want to be a better man? This session summarizes the practices introduced in this series and how to use these tools to mindfully engage with the world. This session concludes with a practice for calming and stabilizing the mind, so that you can confidently “walk the walk,” skillfully using these ...