Mental Wellness for Executives

Mental Wellness for Executives

Connect to a vision larger than yourself, find clarity on the benefits of mindfulness practices, and build stronger relationships both within and outside your organization to become a more effective, compassionate, and powerful leader.

For the past 20 years, meditation has served as a constant companion, mirror, and teacher for Hector. Meditation led him to a career as a change consultant, where he helps executives drive transformational change in organizations through an emphasis on culture, people, and service. He currently serves as the president of Three Jewels, a yoga and meditation studio in New York City. Three Jewels is a non-profit that provides services to the city and internationally by giving free meditation and yoga classes to those in need.

Hector’s training includes a Certificate in Organizational Change Management from the Australian Graduate School of Management, an Executive MBA from the University of Sydney, Senior Teacher and board member of the Asian Classics Institute, and 23 years of study of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gleluk Lineage.

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Mental Wellness for Executives
  • Mental Wellness for Executives: Part 1

    Learn what you can do to develop the right mental state as you manage a variety of things and have the vision to be able to follow through on the deliverables.

  • Mental Wellness for Executives: Part 2

    Learn how to overcome obstacles that arise in your own mind so you're more available for the multitude of things that happen on any given day, and inspire others to work towards a common goal.

  • Mental Wellness for Executives: Part 3

    Find perspective to work with the difficult people and situations that seemingly create obstacles and build stronger relationships.

  • Mental Wellness for Executives: Part 4

    Build on the learnings from the previous videos to create a culture in your organization where you elevate each other and everyone contributes to the individual growth and the advancement of the entire company.