Mental Wellness for Caregivers

Mental Wellness for Caregivers

Taking care of an ill-loved one can be an emotionally intense and overwhelming experience. In this series, learn mindfulness and meditation tools to cope with the dynamics of being a caregiver.

Kelly Magee has been a nurse for over 16 years, primarily caring for people with cancer. Working first as a registered nurse and then obtaining a Masters degree to be a nurse practitioner, Kelly treasured the opportunity to develop relationships with patients and their families during such stressful experiences. In addition to her clinical practice, Kelly held a leadership role as the Director of the Nurse Practitioner Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Kelly found her way to meditation in 2018 after realizing that she was suffering from burnout and struggling to show up and be present for her patients, colleagues and loved ones. Kelly completed the Three Jewels NYC Meditation Teacher Training and Mentorship and now teaches mediation there. Kelly currently works at a health tech company doing cancer research and is also studying Buddhist philosophy via the Asian Classics Institute Foundation courses.

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Mental Wellness for Caregivers
  • Dealing with Feelings of Overwhelm

    In this video, we discuss practices to use in the moment and on an on-going basis to manage the feelings of being overwhelmed that can come with being a caregiver.

  • Navigating Tough Emotions

    Caregiving is emotionally intense and may prompt challenging emotions like anger, fear, guilt, shame. In this session, we talk about some simple tools to give space for any hard emotions you may be feeling.

  • Making Space for Yourself

    It may feel impossible to find time for yourself when you are focusing on taking great care of another person. In this video, we cover three simple tools to use to find time for you. Best of all, they all take less than five minutes to do!

  • Cultivating Connection

    Caregiving can feel very lonely and isolating. In this session, we discuss how techniques can make us feel more connected to yourself and others.