Managing Stress

Managing Stress

It would be weird if you weren't stressed out - there's a lot going on right now! Learn simple techniques to radically change your relationship to stress so you can live a happier, healthier life based on being more present and kind to yourself.

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Managing Stress
  • Intro to Managing Stress

    Amanda guides us through a mindful breath exercise as an introduction to this managing stress series

  • Managing Stress

    Stress less with this breath practice led by Jackie

  • Breathe Away Stress

    Did you know that your breath is your friend? Come sit with Ceasar and learn how to use controlled, conscious breathing to settle into your body.

  • Breaking the Habit of Stress

    Relax and go with the flow! Come sit with Lodro as he guides you through breaking the habit of stress and cultivating happiness from within.

  • Parting Ways with Stress

    Get familiar with your nervous system to go beyond managing stress to remove it from your everyday experience.

  • Instant Stress Relief

    Join Amanda in this short Zen Den meditation for instant stress relief and relaxation when you need it.

  • Quick Stress Relief

    We are often overactive in our minds, but this meditation allows us to breathe through the stress

  • Quiet the Mind

    Join Cheryl as she guides us through a practice to quiet our overactive minds

  • Stress Relief 101

    Practice mindfulness of the breath with Lodro to de-stress and discover your inherent peacefulness.

  • Release Stressful Thoughts

    Are thoughts about the past or future causing you stress? Join Cheryl for this 'thought detox' and learn how to focus on the present moment.

  • Discover Balance

    Find your inherent state of stability within by bringing your awareness to the present moment with Amanda.

  • Finding Calm

    Come sit with Cheryl to reduce stress and connect to your inner sense of calm by using the tools of meditation.

  • Relieve Stress

    In need of immediate stress relief? Amanda's 3-part breathing meditation will help you to de-stress right here, right now.

  • Dealing with Family Stress

    The holidays can be a particularly stressful time, where we may revert back to old patterns or be faced with challenging family dynamics. Lodro discusses how to make a conscious choice to show up differently and bring a sense of openness and curiosity to our relationships. Sit for a brief RAIN me...

  • Relaxing Into Your Day

    In this meditation, Cheryl guides you through a relaxation of the whole body to melt away tension and create peace in your day.

  • How to Manage Stress

    Did you know meditation can actually cancel out the physical effects of stress? Come sit with Amanda to learn how to manage stress by focusing on the breath!

  • Connecting to Joy 1: Letting Go of Resistance

    Find wisdom by remembering impermanence and that things flow in ways that we may not always understand. This provides the basis for a deeper sense of harmony and joyfulness in life’s uncertainties.

  • Connecting to Joy 2: Inspiring Hope Within Yourself and Others

    Find hope by using pain as a vehicle for transformation, so you can awaken in your potential, even in hard times.

  • Connecting to Joy 3: Giving Compassion to Yourself and Others

    Practice loving kindness to rest in the cycle of interconnectedness.

  • Connecting to Joy 4: Destroying the Negativity Bias in the Real World

    Participate in optimism and happiness by creating new pathways in the brain with positive interactions. Fight the brain's negativity bias by recognizing triggers and learning to self sooth.