Intro to Journaling

Intro to Journaling

In this series of journaling contemplations, take inventory on your resources. You'll examine how you relate to your resources and where they're spent with the goal to make some shifts so you can have a bit more choice in how you allocate your precious resources.

Named one of the next generation of meditation teachers to watch by SONIMA, Adreanna Limbach is the author of Tea And Cake With Demons: A Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy . Her work has been featured by The New York Times, Refinery 29, OPRAH Magazine, Yoga Journal and Women's Health.

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Intro to Journaling
  • Journaling For Energy

    In this journaling contemplation, get familiar with your energy resources to create a deeper sense of personal choice in how you spend it.

  • Journaling For Attention

    Examine what truly captures your attention and discover what you actually desire most as a method to develop deeper focus.

  • Journaling For Money

    Contemplate your relationship with money and look at your preconceived ideas around the often charged topic.

  • Journaling For Time

    Find clarity on how you use your time and where you trade it for other resources so you can be more decisive in how you allocate it.