Mental Wellness for Industrial Workers

Mental Wellness for Industrial Workers

Learn how to expand your focus to all aspects of your life, and find a deeper sense of contentment using self care, attention training, and insight practices centered on compassion and awareness.

Sarah Balthrop began her personal meditation practice over 10 years ago, quickly growing into her profession and purpose. As a Certified Wellness Practitioner and Worksite Wellness Specialist, her background encompasses the various pillars of health. Believing that mindfulness and mental well-being are the foundation of all healthy-living, she earned her Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction certification in 2016.
Since then she has led in-person and virtual meditations across the United States, including directing one of Detroit's first stress-management and meditation companies. With this experience Sarah has developed expertise in workplace meditation; using the magic of mindfulness to improve lives personally and professionally.

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Mental Wellness for Industrial Workers
  • Focus & Memory

    Celebrate the natural focus that comes with familiarity and repetitive tasks. Increase the ability to be absorbed in the moment and reengage when your attention wanders so your focus stays sharp and even strengthens.

  • Easing Anxiety

    Contemplate your personal reaction to anxiety and how to relieve a worried mind using skills you already have. Reset your patience and empathy after long hours and challenging situations.

  • Releasing Physical Tension & Pain

    Get familiar with the ways in which you carry stress and tension and learn how you can use the breath to release it before it becomes unmanageable.

  • Self Care & Empowerment

    Reflect on self care during the current global hardships and address guilt or stereotypes around the topic with compassion and insight.

  • Happiness & Gratitude

    Tap into happiness in the here and now with a simple journaling exercise.

  • Communication & Relationships

    Contemplate your ability to effectively listen and mindfully speak by observing habit and shifting perspective while speaking or listening.

  • Resilience & Stability

    Learn how to return to contentment regardless of the circumstances as a way to better avoid physical, emotion, and mental burnout, keep your composure, and handle difficult situations.

  • Everyday Mindfulness

    Use your strength to stay present as a tool to carry into other aspects of your life and learn how to keep your cool in high stress, fast paced environments.