Finding Happiness & Connection in Uncertain Times

Finding Happiness & Connection in Uncertain Times

We all want to be happy, right? In these videos you can unlock simple tools to help you live a happier, healthier life, based in more connection with those you love and want to support.

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Finding Happiness & Connection in Uncertain Times
  • It’s Safe to Feel Safe

    During this video we’ll explore balancing an easy adaptive mindset with a cultivated internal sense of stability.

  • Navigating New Normals

    Flowing like water and remaining curious are not always easy, but they can be tremendous resources when called upon to learn new and different ways quickly.

  • Intro to Finding Happiness and Connection in Uncertain Times

    Join Amanda in this mindful journaling exercise to begin exploring what it means to find joy

  • Loving-Kindness

    Find empathy and cultivate love for yourself and others with Lodro's introduction to Loving Kindness meditation.

  • Purpose & Fulfillment

    Learn to find connection, purpose, and fulfillment by understanding your own habits with Jackie

  • Visualizing Happiness

    Hector's meditation will leave you smiling as you use the tool of visualization to tap into feelings of unapologetic happiness!

  • Journaling with Intention

    Join Gly in this journaling exercise to connect to your purpose and fulfillment

  • The Power of Joy

    Azaria's Power of Joy meditation reminds us that joy is always present and available, even in difficult situations!

  • Find Your Spark

    Join Hector in this guided reflection of a happy memory in order to access and embody that "spark" of happiness right now.

  • Joy from Within

    We are all born with joy-- it is not just a situational experience. Come sit with Azaria and connect to your joy within!