Finding Happiness & Connection in Uncertain Times

Finding Happiness & Connection in Uncertain Times

We all want to be happy, right? In these videos you can unlock simple tools to help you live a happier, healthier life, based in more connection with those you love and want to support.

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Finding Happiness & Connection in Uncertain Times
  • Intro to Finding Happiness and Connection in Uncertain Times

    Join Amanda in this mindful journaling exercise to begin exploring what it means to find joy

  • Asking for Help: Who Can Help you Climb Life’s Mountain

    We’re social beings. That means we’re interconnected and we need each other to survive. But, it can be difficult to find community & find the help that we need. Let’s explore how we can start moving towards asking for support.

  • Making Space for Others

    When you're comfortable with yourself, you allow others to connect more deeply to you. With a stronger, healthier sense of self we can engage with those around us in new, more effective ways.

  • Connecting To Our Inner Parent

    Many difficult emotions can arise throughout the day. Let’s explore how we can use the RAIN practice to cope with and bounce back from stress. Let’s make it RAIN on our emotions.

  • It’s Safe to Feel Safe

    During this video we’ll explore balancing an easy adaptive mindset with a cultivated internal sense of stability.

  • Loving-Kindness

    Find empathy and cultivate love for yourself and others with Lodro's introduction to Loving Kindness meditation.

  • Purpose & Fulfillment

    Learn to find connection, purpose, and fulfillment by understanding your own habits with Jackie

  • Visualizing Happiness

    Hector's meditation will leave you smiling as you use the tool of visualization to tap into feelings of unapologetic happiness!

  • Journaling with Intention

    Join Gly in this journaling exercise to connect to your purpose and fulfillment

  • The Power of Joy

    Azaria's Power of Joy meditation reminds us that joy is always present and available, even in difficult situations!

  • Find Your Spark

    Join Hector in this guided reflection of a happy memory in order to access and embody that "spark" of happiness right now.

  • Joy from Within

    We are all born with joy-- it is not just a situational experience. Come sit with Azaria and connect to your joy within!

  • Navigating New Normals

    Flowing like water and remaining curious are not always easy, but they can be tremendous resources when called upon to learn new and different ways quickly.