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  • Finding Work-Life Balance

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    In our current environment it's really hard to set boundaries and cultivate good habits around our work-life balance. In this series we teach you how to do exactly that: learn specific tools so you become more productive at work and more present with friends and family.

  • Anahita
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    19 items

    Anahita Moghaddam is a coach, organizational trainer and International speaker. Her rigorous and experiential methodology is rooted in the Eastern contemplative traditions, and continuously refined under the mentorship of leading scientists and academics in the fields of psychology, neuroscience ...

  • Breaking Silence: Black Mental Wellness

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    Join Cojuan in this four part series that provides a place of refuge and empowerment for Black employees navigating the workplace. Cojuan leads you through journaling and meditative practices which allows you to connect and accentuate your greatest qualities while providing you with a place of re...

  • Breaking Silence: Coping with Fertility Hardships

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    Whether you’ve been on a fertility journey for a long time or you’re just starting to contemplate having children, this four part series offers tips on fertility while sharing practices to ease your mind on the path towards parenthood. Danielle delivers practical mindfulness tools to help mitiga...