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  • Managing Stress

    14 videos

    It would be weird if you weren't stressed out - there's a lot going on right now! Learn simple techniques to radically change your relationship to stress so you can live a happier, healthier life based in being more present and kind to yourself.

  • Staying Productive in Today’s New Normal

    9 videos

    There's a lot going on and most of us get swept up by whatever is right in front of us rather than what we want to be doing. Learn to approach your work and life from a place of increased productivity and intention so that you can navigate this new normal with maximum efficiency.

  • Reducing Anxiety

    14 videos

    It's not just you. It's everyone. We all experience anxiety, so let's talk about it and sort it out. Learn to drop the stories you're telling yourself and discover a sense of calm and peace waiting for you right beneath the surface of those thoughts

  • Release Stressful Thoughts

    Are thoughts about the past or future causing you stress? Join Cheryl for this 'thought detox' and learn how to focus on the present moment.