Cojuan is a graduate of the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and a certified health coach. After reaping the personal benefits of meditation for over 10 years, she attended a 200hr meditation teacher training at Three Jewels NYC. Cojuan previously worked as an entrepreneur providing in-room beauty and wellness services to the 5-star hotels in New York City through Beaute a Porter, later transitioning to a role as the Spa Director at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. She currently resides in Harlem, NYC with her daughters where she is committed to raising the vibrations internally and externally.

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  • You Belong Here, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    Black men and women are particularly vulnerable to impostor syndrome, both in the workplace and in day-to-day interactions. In this session, we highlight our many wonderful qualities, skills, accomplishments which allow us to focus on the facts, such as your qualifications, instead of a limiting ...

  • Rest As Revolution

    In this session we debunk the myth that Black people need to work twice as hard with the understanding that true productivity comes from allowing your body and mind to have moments of relaxation. While we may not always be able to have full days to stay in and rest as we may desire, we can still ...

  • Grounded In The Now

    While we can not control the ever changing world, we can control our internal environment. This session shows us how we can connect to the present and with doing so we can create a safe haven within our minds and bodies allowing us the space to rest and create greater resilience when dealing with...

  • Stepping Into Our Strengths

    In this session, we connect to our heart space with the notion that we can choose to accept the criticism or opinions of others or even our own self doubts or we can step into our greatness. Loving and understanding all that makes us who we are allows us to not only show up in every space Black ...

  • Inner Discovery

    We begin this series with a reflective journaling exercise that allows you to explore your inner workings including your triggers so that you may maintain your peace despite any political or social conflicts.

  • Grounded In Your Essence

    In this video, Cojuan leads us through a contemplation meditation aimed at removing all labels and social constructs, so that we may tune into our truest beliefs and desires. We will take away the labels we unveiled in video 1 and sit with the part of us that just is.

  • Reflections of Love

  • Visualize Your Future

    A joyous guided visualization of combining the tools we just practiced in videos 1-3 and see the reality of living in an unguarded world where we can love and offer compassion to one another despite any perceived differences.