Intro to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Intro to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Discover the basic concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy and learn powerful techniques to manage negative or uncomfortable thoughts, shift behavioral patterns that aren't helpful, and experience more peace and happiness.

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Intro to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intro

    Gain a basic understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy so you can better notice thoughts and build awareness around personal actions and beliefs that form our day to day experience.

  • Thought Interventions

    Learn how to work through your thoughts using a cognitive behavioral approach called a Thought Record.

  • Behavioral Interventions Part 1

    Learn how to shift your behaviors that keep you stuck in a pattern that's not longer beneficial.

  • Behavioral Interactions Part 2

    In this session you'll examine anxious behaviors so that you can overcome the anxiety and tendency for avoidance.