Intro to Breathwork

Intro to Breathwork

Discover four powerful practices to feel more awake, build energy, relax, and even fall asleep. Tap into the parasynthetic nervous system with accessible tools designed to help with everything from relaxing the body and mind so you can manage stress, to building intensity for a quick shot of energy when you need to wake up.

After leaving the inner city, graduating from Harvard, and working at Morgan Stanley, Gly Gabriel discovered that despite his success, he was unhappy. So he left it all behind and embarked on a 1+ year journey across Latin America where he began his daily meditation practice. Unbeknownst to him, it would drastically transform his reality! Now, through Gly's work as a digital content creator, meditation teacher, & transformational coach, he empowers people to live in full alignment with their truth by tapping into the creative power of the present moment.

Glyhas worked with companies such as TikTok, Perks Convention, Pillsbury, Next Gen HQ, and Startup Island.

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Intro to Breathwork
  • Breathwork to Awake

    Use a circular breathing practice to help you feel more awake by building energy and moving it throughout the body.

  • Breathwork to Energize

    Energize your body and mind with a technique called Breath of Fire. You might find every cell in your body buzzing!

  • Breathwork to Relax

    Practice a technique called Boxed Breathing to return your inhale and exhale to a normal rhythm after stressful situations or feelings of anxiety.

  • Breathwork to Sleep

    Relax your nervous system so you can fall asleep more easily with this simple breathing technique called 4-7-8.