Breaking Silence: Mental Wellness for the LGBTQ+ Community

Breaking Silence: Mental Wellness for the LGBTQ+ Community

Beauty, truth, and goodness are innately yours, but sometimes knowing, loving, and celebrating what makes you so wonderful is a hard-won victory. Join Michael in this four-part series that examines some of the difficult experiences that are partial to the queer community and that can have a long-lasting impact on our mental well-being. Michael guides you through mindfulness practices that help you navigate these experiences and reclaim your power—with pride.

Michael McSwain is a freelance writer with a special focus in health and wellness. His writing applies Eastern contemplative traditions to modern Western life, thought, and well-being. Michael offers mindful practices for individuals, corporate, and nonprofit organizations, and his curriculums regularly weave together practices rooted in meditation, yoga, dharma, and astrology. Michael has spent over 10 years training and practicing with several teachers, including teaching certifications in multiple modalities.

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Breaking Silence: Mental Wellness for the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Breaking Free From the Fear of Rejection

    One of the most universal experiences for queer folks includes spending years of life hiding who we really are out of a fear of rejection. This session includes a practice to support and love the inner child and plant the seeds to heal any residual effects that still impact us today.

  • Refraining From Judgment

    Everyone has experienced being the target of judgment, but a lot of times that judgment is conditioned, unconscious, and it’s coming from within. This session includes a practice for weeding out the judgmental thoughts and shifting these thoughts of non-love back into an expression of love and po...

  • Finding The Courage To Be Visible

    Some of the communities and associations we belong to would like to make queer folks feel invisible, but when people get to know you genuinely, how could they possibly want to miss out on how wonderful you are? This session includes a practice for building strong trust and confidence to “be you” ...

  • Getting Unstuck From Difficult Emotions

    Some of the difficult experiences that queer folks navigate are so unique and uncharted that it can feel isolating or like there are no solutions. No matter what difficult, painful, or bewildering experiences you’re having, Michael shares his “10 thoughts” to help you get unstuck and back on trac...