Breaking Silence: Coping with Fertility Hardships

Breaking Silence: Coping with Fertility Hardships

Whether you’ve been on a fertility journey for a long time or you’re just starting to contemplate having children, this four part series offers tips on fertility while sharing practices to ease your mind on the path towards parenthood. Danielle delivers practical mindfulness tools to help mitigate stress specifically for individuals undergoing a fertility journey.

Danielle Karuna is a seasoned yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and meditation teacher. She leads yoga teacher trainings and mentors new teachers throughout New York and Los Angeles. After a life-threatening event, Danielle pursued a deep path of healing and discovery that led her to the practices of yoga, meditation, and radical self-love. With over 2,000 hours of formal Yoga Teacher Certifications and fifteen years of teaching experience, Danielle is a magnetic teacher who gently guides students to overcome old patterns and rise fully into their power and potential.
Danielle lives in Los Angeles where she currently teaches public classes, workshops, and privately to world-renowned Grammy and Oscar winning artists, tech CEOs, as well as individuals with Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Danielle draws on years of dedicated study in Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga Philosophy to find ground in her own life and to help others do the same.
She has taught worldwide for corporations and conferences for the likes of Bumble and Bumble, Lululemon, Helmut Lang, and Spotify, and at music and yoga festivals. She has been featured in Well&Good, Shape, Town&Country, and Vogue magazine. You can practice with her anytime on YouTube, or get updates and access to more teachings at or on social media at @daniellekaruna

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Breaking Silence: Coping with Fertility Hardships
  • Trying to Conceive: Practical Steps and Stress Management

    In this session, we explore important bloodwork to discover insights on hormone levels and get a better snapshot of your fertility. We look at the importance of parasympathetic activation and the relationship between your breath and your nervous system. Finally we will use breathing practices t...

  • Grief and Gratitude

    There is an inherent paradox in trying to conceive life that involves the delicate balance of embodying hope while letting go of expectations. Additionally, the human journey is about embracing and trusting the fullness of life in whatever way it unfolds. We’ll do a guided mindfulness practice t...

  • Compare and Despair? No More!

    We all do it, we look around us and see others getting what we ourselves want, and it’s so hard not to compare. In this session we explore the roots of comparison-jealousy and envy, and we learn a technique to combat it! You’ll walk away with a powerful antidote for the next time comparison affli...

  • Believe It To Conceive It!

    In order for dreams to be realized, we need to be clear on what they are. So we will walk through a visualization and journaling practice to see our future selves. We are always reminded that life is what we make it and where our attention goes, our energy flows. In this session, we are given to...