After graduating college, Andrew felt lost. He wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself, but he couldn’t find the right “job” that satisfied his need for connection. His curiosity led him to learn about other ways of thinking. When Andrew found meditation, he found himself. He learned how to build the intuitive self-knowledge necessary for emotional regulation—a.k.a. how to effectively navigate and find peace among anxiety and mood swings.

Andrew completed his 600-hour leadership training through Landmark Worldwide.

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  • Meditation Posture

    Come sit with Andrew as he shares helpful tips for finding a comfortable posture to start your meditation with a strong foundation!

  • Allowing the Mind to Settle

    Andrew's meditation will teach you to become familiar with how your mind operates and allow your mind to settle on its own.

  • Mindfulness vs Meditation

    Curious about the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation? Come sit with Andrew to learn more about these practices and how to focus on the breath.

  • Navigating Anxiety

    Build a sense of wisdom and emotional resiliency with Andrew's meditation in order to zoom out and spot anxiety as its arising.

  • Boosting Confidence

    Where does confidence come from? Sit with Andrew and learn how to boost confidence through practice, meditation, and positive thinking.

  • Cultivating Courage

    Join Andrew and learn how to build confidence by exercising courage in the face of fear, discomfort, or uncertainty.

  • The Power of Acceptance

    Allow Andrew to guide you through everyday anxiety by accepting things as they are in the moment.