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  • Meditation Posture

    Come sit with Andrew as he shares helpful tips for finding a comfortable posture to start your meditation with a strong foundation!

  • Allowing the Mind to Settle

    Andrew's meditation will teach you to become familiar with how your mind operates and allow your mind to settle on its own.

  • Mindfulness vs Meditation

    Curious about the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation? Come sit with Andrew to learn more about these practices and how to focus on the breath.

  • Navigating Anxiety

    Build a sense of wisdom and emotional resiliency with Andrew's meditation in order to zoom out and spot anxiety as its arising.

  • Boosting Confidence

    Where does confidence come from? Sit with Andrew and learn how to boost confidence through practice, meditation, and positive thinking.

  • Cultivating Courage

    Join Andrew and learn how to build confidence by exercising courage in the face of fear, discomfort, or uncertainty.

  • The Power of Acceptance

    Allow Andrew to guide you through everyday anxiety by accepting things as they are in the moment.