15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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15 Minutes
  • Visualizing Happiness

    Hector's meditation will leave you smiling as you use the tool of visualization to tap into feelings of unapologetic happiness!

  • Finding Calm

    Come sit with Cheryl to reduce stress and connect to your inner sense of calm by using the tools of meditation.

  • Savoring the Good

    Learn to rely on your gratitude practice to navigate difficult times

  • Creating Your Life in Challenging Times

    This journaling exercise and brief meditation with Gly allows you to connect to gratitude within

  • Breaking the Habit of Stress

    Relax and go with the flow! Come sit with Lodro as he guides you through breaking the habit of stress and cultivating happiness from within.

  • Inspiration

    Creative inspiration is a spark that exists within us, and Tiffani's meditation teaches you how to sit with your inspiration and find what ignites your creativity.

  • Staying Calm When You're Overwhelmed

    Learn to maintain a sense of calm when you may be overwhelmed by emotion.

  • Maximize Your Potential

    Plant the seed of resilience within you by helping others reach and access resilience themselves. Join Hector as he guides you through generating resilience in your own mind by imagining it in other people.

  • Mindfulness vs Meditation

    Curious about the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation? Come sit with Andrew to learn more about these practices and how to focus on the breath.

  • Relieve Stress

    In need of immediate stress relief? Amanda's 3-part breathing meditation will help you to de-stress right here, right now.

  • Unwind for a Good Night's Sleep

    Come unwind with Cheryl to relax your mind and body for a good night's sleep.

  • Finding Your Voice

    Get to know your inner voice and honor it by grounding in a kind, loving, and honorable place with Tiffani.

  • Unleash Your Inner Artist

    We all have our own way of contributing art to the world each day. Join Ceasar in this meditation and guided visualization to help you unleash your inner artist.

  • Finding Peace with Thoughts

    Are you pulled around by your thoughts all day long? Jackie's meditation will help you to create some space to notice your thoughts and allow them to unfold.

  • Peace of Mind

    Hector's sleep meditation will prepare you for a powerful and deep rest that brings rejuvenation and peace of mind.

  • Coming Back to Ourselves

    Step through each component of self love through this meditation guided by Jackie

  • Release Stressful Thoughts

    Are thoughts about the past or future causing you stress? Join Cheryl for this 'thought detox' and learn how to focus on the present moment.

  • Allowing the Mind to Settle

    Andrew's meditation will teach you to become familiar with how your mind operates and allow your mind to settle on its own.

  • Doing the Heart Work

    Navigate the tough terrain of dealing with unconscious bias and find the sense of empathy within

  • Overcoming Leadership Anxiety

    Learn how can we lead by example and lead with a vision even when anxiety arises within us

  • Five Senses Meditation

    Reconnect with yourself and your environment by tuning into your senses in the present moment with Jackie's meditation.

  • Overcoming Aggression

    We cannot control the actions of others, but Lodro teaches us how to handle our own actions.

  • The Present Moment

    Bring your attention to the present moment through this meditation with Amanda

  • Staying Organized When Working from Home

    Jackie guides us through a practice on setting ourselves up to be productive and stay organized