15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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15 Minutes
  • Giving Ideas Life

    The creative process is an opportunity to bring things to life that have an impact on yourself and others. Tiffani will guide you on how to tune into your voice and make room for your creativity seed to be planted and grow!

  • The Gift of Love

    Explore how our attention is a form of love with this meditation led by Amanda

  • How to Be Precise and Helpful

    Consider the when, why, where, and how when it comes to communicating with those around us

  • Eliminate Barriers & Become One

    Dissolve the barriers between you and others with this eye gazing session

  • Dealing with Difficult People

    Cultivate an understanding of others for better, strong relationships

  • Overcoming Separation

    Connect with your natural sense of empathy to overcome a feeling of separation with others

  • Nurturing and Self Care

  • Turning Difficulties into Growth

    Learn to transform difficulties into growth with clarity and compassion in Amanda's 4-step RAIN meditation.

  • The Art of Non-Judgmental Listening

    Join Ceasar as he guides us through a 15 minute meditation to the art of non-judgmental listening

  • Meditation Posture

    Come sit with Andrew as he shares helpful tips for finding a comfortable posture to start your meditation with a strong foundation!

  • Unconditional Self-Acceptance

    In this meditation, Azaria guides you to a place of freedom by cultivating unconditional self-acceptance for where you are right now. Learn positive affirmations to transform unworthiness to feelings of 'enoughness.'

  • Access Your Inner Potential

    Cultivate resilience with Hector by using your imagination to access the inner potential that is always within you.

  • Compassion for Difficult People

    We're all in this together! Join Lodro for a heart-opening compassion meditation and begin to notice what you may have in common with difficult people in your life.

  • Release Your Creative Monster

    Our world today needs more love and creativity, and you hold the tools within you to change the landscape and redefine the scenery! Join Ceasar to learn how to release your creative 'monster' through meditation.

  • Find Your Spark

    Join Hector in this guided reflection of a happy memory in order to access and embody that "spark" of happiness right now.

  • The Power of Perception

    Come sit with Jackie and explore the power of perception in order to reconnect with yourself and the people in your life.

  • Finding Common Ground

    Join Jackie as she guides you through finding shared humanness and identifying commonalities to build meaningful relationships with others.

  • Visualizing Our Greatest Selves

    Fall back in love with yourself and visualize your best self in this meditation guided by Tiffani

  • Offering Loving-Kindness

    Learn how to cultivate compassion for others and "take your heart to the gym" in this loving-kindness meditation with Lodro.

  • Boosting Confidence

    Where does confidence come from? Sit with Andrew and learn how to boost confidence through practice, meditation, and positive thinking.

  • Only One You

    Only you have the privilege and honor to be yourself. Practice accepting, valuing, and loving who you are in Tiffani's meditation.

  • Gratitude for Our Ability to Love

    Focus your mind and generate gratitude for a memory when you truly felt loved

  • Breathe Away Stress

    Did you know that your breath is your friend? Come sit with Ceasar and learn how to use controlled, conscious breathing to settle into your body.

  • Offering Love to Ourselves

    It's time to wake up the heart and offer love to ourselves!