15 Minutes

15 Minutes

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15 Minutes
  • Asking for Help: Who Can Help you Climb Life’s Mountain

    We’re social beings. That means we’re interconnected and we need each other to survive. But, it can be difficult to find community & find the help that we need. Let’s explore how we can start moving towards asking for support.

  • Walking Away From the Negativity Bias

    In this talk, we explore ways to combat the negativity bias and connect more to a positivity bias by engaging in worry times, practicing gratitude, and practicing self-kindness.

  • Finding Ways to Swim Out of the Waters of Isms and Phobias

    Let’s explore ways to develop more awareness around our internalized and implicit biases, as well as explore ways to become the kind of person we want to be as we practice acceptance and self-empathy.

  • Playing the ‘Awareness Game’ to Combat Procrastination and Face Fears

    We all can find ourselves procrastinating throughout the day. Let’s explore why we procrastinate and how we can use an awareness practice to move out of the procrastination habit and move towards what matters to us.

  • Drop The Rush Habit and Savor Every Moment

    We tend to rush through our days and, as Ferris Bueller said, fail to slow down and look around so that we don’t miss our lives. Here we explore what it would take to drop the rush habit and find various moments throughout the day to engage in savoring practices.

  • WOOPing Our Way to Achieving Our Goals

    We sometimes have goals that we lose focus on. The WOOP process (wish, outcome, obstacle, plan) helps us visualize the obstacles that may get in the way of us living our best lives and helps us stay on track and achieve our goals.

  • Becoming the Superhero of Your Life

    In exploring our values or what matters to us (e.g., connection, presence, courage, joy), we can practice stepping into those values as we relate to ourselves and others. The more we can practice walking with and embodying our values, the more we can lead meaningful, purposeful, and proud lives.

  • Have a Practice of Taking Care of Your Future (Hopefully Sleepy) Self

    We need to try to prepare for sleep as soon as we can. Here, we explore ways to practice taking care of our future self by taking care of our present self in the morning, afternoon, and early evening, particularly by finding ways to connect to our rest and digest or relaxation system consistently...

  • Portrait of Appreciation

    In a journaling contemplation, sketch out the strengths of someone else as a way to release mental ruminations of yourself, and cultivate gratitude for the people in your life.

  • Managing Disappointment

    Navigate inconsistencies between expectations and reality by bridging the gap between the two so disappointment doesn't fester.

  • Choosing to be Grateful

    In this powerful exercise, get acquainted with how gratitude feels in the body and contemplate the choice to feel thankful.

  • Journaling For Energy

    In this journaling contemplation, get familiar with your energy resources to create a deeper sense of personal choice in how you spend it.

  • Journaling For Money

    Contemplate your relationship with money and look at your preconceived ideas around the often charged topic.

  • Resiliency in Tough Times 1: Creating Stability

    In a chaotic world, learn to cultivate a sense of resilience by focusing on stabilization and finding safety in what is true and constant.

  • Connecting to Joy 3: Giving Compassion to Yourself and Others

    Practice loving kindness to rest in the cycle of interconnectedness.

  • Cultivating Gratitude 1: Safety

    Learn how stress and anxiety manifests in your own body, so it can be released and replaced with a sense of safety for a more awaken experience in the present moment.

  • Developing Higher Self Awareness

    Strengthen your self awareness to identify what upsets you and connect more deeply to what actually brings you happiness.

  • Hypnotherapy for Deep Rest

    Be guided into deep relaxation for a more restful sleep using your breath and a body scan practice.

  • Waking Up Refreshed

    Examine how you would like to feel when you wake up, and code your mind with that feeling before you even fall asleep with this simple visualization practice.

  • Active Listening and Nonverbal Communication

    By doing less, not more, this video and practice return the attention to listening as a fundamental foundation.

  • Navigating New Normals

    Flowing like water and remaining curious are not always easy, but they can be tremendous resources when called upon to learn new and different ways quickly.

  • Loving-Kindness

    Find empathy and cultivate love for yourself and others with Lodro's introduction to Loving Kindness meditation.

  • Meditation 101

    In Lodro's introduction to mindfulness meditation, learn how to tune into the breath and be present in your experience without judgement.

  • Basic Breathwork

    Allow Lodro to guide you every step of the way as you use the breath as an anchor for relaxing into the present moment.